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Feanwâlden Mennonite Congregation

Baptizing what empowering is, speaking that Curt is released into the Christian believe, deeds go beyond words


What moves us?

Space for differences the Mennonite community is characterized by great freedom of beliefs. That is demonstrated, for example, when people join a Baptist Church. They lay then, as it is called, confession of their faith.That confession writing them yourself. In it they articulate what faith means to them. On the basis of that confession they are baptized (if they weren't already in another Church happened) and they add to the municipality. The space for difference and respect for others is also reflected in the great willingness to cooperate with believers from other faith communities. The Mennonites are, therefore, a member of the National Council of churches and the many local councils.

A free choice Mennonites feel that the choice for the faith a free and conscious choice of adult humans. You have your own creed is baptized after you pronounced. Through baptism you connect you to God and choose a joint road in the municipality. Water is an important symbol: it stands for death and chaos but is also source of life. Others choose to be baptized but not yet participating in the municipality. These interested parties (sometimes called friends) can be very actively involved in the activities of the municipalities.

Search together each municipality has one or more Bible circles. The Bible is read there with modern eyes: there, account shall be taken of the time, the place and the circumstances in which the stories have arisen. Together they look for the meaning that the texts may have also for this time. For a long time are the sermon on the mount (Matthew Chapter 5 to 7) and the commandment "you shall love God above all and your neighbour as yourself" despite the promice important biblical for Mennonites. In liturgy groups together sought new appealing forms of liturgy and in discussion groups discussed various topics around faith and daily life.

Words and deeds faith and life, words and actions are for Mennonites are inextricably linked. In that context, it is important work for peace. For example, there is a nationwide non-violent coexistence where Work related to ways is wanted on the biblical message of peace and contemporary way to translate into practice. They organize more courses under Mediation for groups inside and outside the Church for the peaceful resolution of conflicts. The Foundation Baptist World work combines work for peace with assistance in emergency situations. The Baptist Mission supports building and education projects at home and abroad. Mennonites share similar are concerned, encounter joy and suffering, not to see each other and forget others. To inspire each other and learn from each other encounters are indispensable. To members and interested parties offers the local faith community, the municipality, the space to do so. With all its activities and encounters the municipality is an important place where members and interested parties can grow further in religious life. She is both a place of security and challenge. Baptist churches are scattered throughout Netherlands established. The members numbers differ from a few dozen to a few hundred.  Space believe in Netherlands does not speak more naturally. Yet people still looking for meaning and spiritual deepening. Baptist municipalities want to open are places where space leerstellingenna without the pressure of thinking about faith and life and to shape spirituality. Also the fraternal houses offer the space and an open atmosphere as a basis for reflection on values and beliefs. They are open to guests, regardless of religion or belief. Everybody is welcome for a vacation, Conference or meeting.

Organization In Netherlands in 2007 there are about 119 municipalities with a total of over 9,700 members and many interested parties. The independent municipalities are United in the General Baptist Society (ADS), founded in 1811 to the training of pastors to streamline at the seminary. This Baptist Seminary since 2003 works together with the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and takes care of the basic and further training of Baptist preachers and pastors. There are also courses for members of the Congregation organized. The Baptist Centre Municipality building (DCG) supports the municipalities, with respect for their autonomy, in building among other things by setting up courses and training. Activities there is great attention to the youth. Children's circles, Sunday celebrations, summer camps are organized by national, regional and municipalities. Many active members are committed in various fields in: historical enDoopsgezinde Historical Research by the Seminar circuit, editing the magazine the Baptist EN, organizing retreats by the community for the Baptist Fellowship work (GDB), organising study days by the rural Federation of Sister circuits (LFDZ) and young people weekends with the Netherlands working group Middle (WMN), just to name a few.

 citation: Commission spiritual things ADS


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